Bioware recently commissioned me for this Mass Effect illustration.  It’s being produced as a 250 limited-edition, five-color screenprint through Bioware’s store, each one numbered and signed!  They’ve been doing several of these with different artists, resulting in some really sweet posters… Logan Faerber has one of Garrus coming out at the same time that’s pretty rad!

As a fan of the Mass Effect series, I legit freaked out when I got an email in my inbox, asking me to do work for Bioware.  Getting to do essentially fanart for a really awesome franchise I enjoy?  Yes please.

Before I get asked why didn’t include a particular squadmate in this, please understand: it’s not personal.  Honest!

The short reason: there wasn’t room!

The long reason: I was stuck with the size specs Bioware gave me (18x24), so I knew I’d only have room for about half of the entire cast, lest I ended up drawing them on a microscopic scale.  So I ended up picking a spread of them across all three games that I felt best represented the human vs alien ratio in the Mass Effect universe (not just amongst the various reincarnations of the crew—as that ratio is mostly even—but the whole universe itself).

Also: no Shepard, because there is no One True Shep. ;>

Given all that, I had to leave out a few characters I really adore (notably, Legion and Javik and Jacob, ahh)!  But if Bioware gave me the chance to do a follow-up poster with the remaining squad members, I’d do it in a friggin’ heartbeat.  Working with Bioware and the excellent folks over at Treehouse Brand Stores on this illustration was, by far, the most delightful freelancing experience I’ve had to date.

These posters will be available for presale on November 1st at  Will probably post again on that day with more details, just as a reminder. ;>

ETA: This poster is now available!!

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