Light Grey Art Lab's show IN PLACE opens in Minneapolis tonight!  If you’re in town, be sure to check out my newest piece in person and all of the other seriously rad illustrations in this show.  The sheer mass of talent in this show is really, really humbling.

All pieces in this show have been collected into a gorgeous art book, which you can order now!  Each image is featured along with history and explorations about each location artists chose.

This illustration is commentary on the current state of Kolyma region, which built its notorious foundation on the (literal) backs of state prisoners and forced labor from Soviet gulags in the late 1920s.  The villages and their people are dying, taking a great deal of history of survivors with it.  Which, when it comes to a rather sparsely-documented genocide like the Soviet gulag, is particularly disturbing.

Pick up the art book for more information on the history of the gulag and some of the memoirs I used for research.  It’s brutal, guys, but really fucking important.

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